EDITOSIA is a project that investigates how Information and Communication Technologies could bridge the deficiency in training on sustainable development in local governments in Africa. The project is a common effort of ten African and European partners. Their goal is to encourage the establishment of appropriate electronic distance training programmes on environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Major activities include the analysis of training needs and technology access of African local governments. With this knowledge and through the consultation with a wider range of stakeholders, EDITOSIA intends to formulate a set of policy options and recommendations for relevant decision makers.

The findings of the project partners have been presented and discussed at the symposium in Windhoek, Namibia between March 4 and 6, 2004. The input collected through the consultation with a wider range of stakeholders present at this event will be incorporated into the final report, which will be published on this webpage.

Funded by Directorate-General Research of the European Commission, the EDITOSIA project has been running since December 2001 and will end in May 2004.